Product selection guide

This is the selection guide for all standard VueMetrix products. Do not hesitate to contact us for custom designs. In many cases our extensive product line provides the basis for a specialized solution. Much of our controller's functionality arises from its firmware, which often means that extra functionality can be added at relatively low cost.

Our Product Matrix page shows our entire product line at a glance.

For convenience we list broad product categories on this page. For the most general description of our approach see the Our Technology section.

For applications that require a laser diode control but not temperature control, we offer two product lines:

For applications that require temperature but not laser diode control, we offer TEC controllers.

For applications that require both temperature and laser diode control, we offer two approaches:

  • Integrated laser diode and TEC controllers (a single unit drives both).
  • Combinations of one laser diode controller and one TEC controller. This makes use of what we call the “passthrough” capability of our TEC controller: it functions as a “master” in a two-controller arrangement by relaying digital commands to another laser diode controller. The two controllers function as a unit with a single unified interface. It is also possible to use two separate controllers managed by a supervisory computer.

Packaging options

  • The most convenient choice for a single user is one of our Development Kits, which combines a controller, a power supply, connectors, and the WinVue User Interface software program.
  • Our standard package is a small sheet metal case in our company colors.
  • Most of our products can be purchased as unmounted PC boards suitable for inclusion as a component in a larger system. This is the lowest cost option.
  • Custom packaging design is also available, including private labeling for OEM customers.